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Executive Search is about more than just recruiting the right people. It’s about creating real value for your organization, and driving your company forward. MBR & Associates helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract manufacturer’s drive forward through effective and efficient recruiting solutions. Our team of highly skilled, passionate and focused executive recruiters have decades of experience in identifying, attracting and placing the industry’s best and brightest professionals. Our leading targeting strategies, robust network of contacts, access to multiple sourcing channels, and detailed qualifying process set us apart in the industry.

Choosing the right executive search firm is an important decision for the success of your talent acquisition efforts. We understand the commitment of resources to find the talent your organization needs, and take great pride in understanding and listening to your needs to create lasting results in a timely fashion.

TIME: Our business is the search and placement of pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract manufacturing professionals. On top of having a network of experienced and connected professionals, we have years of experience in the perils and pitfalls of the hiring process. We can help steer you clear of the potholes, and find you the right person in an efficient manner.

COST: Are you feeling the pain because a position you needed to fill yesterday, is affecting your company’s performance today? How have your competitors gained? How much is this costing the company’s bottom line? Our search projects follow this formula: Let us find the best and brightest professional for your company, while you focus on your core business needs.

SERVICE: Our success comes from providing proficient consistent, worthwhile service again and again. Our core business is service to our clients that save time and is cost effective.