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Recruiting Process

MBR & Associates Recruitment Process

Each client has a unique culture and technical requirements. Within these settings, every client has positions with individual and distinct responsibilities. MBR & Associates takes a detailed approach, to understand each client’s culture, technical needs, and position requirements for the chosen candidate to succeed. Our process allows us to efficiently assess, identify, and deliver the best and brightest candidates for our clients.


Step 1: Listen

  • Learn and understand the organizations culture, strategic objectives and marketability.
  • Learn and understand the position’s deliverables, responsibilities, compensation and what makes the company and position attractive to potential candidates.
  • Discuss, learn and understand the personal and technical skills required to make a candidate succeed.
  • Discuss, learn and understand the company’s interview process, methods, timeframes, and the hiring authority’s leadership style.

Step 2: Assess

  • Offer and discuss our advice regarding responsibilities, requirements, compensation, interviewing process and timeframes, based upon our in depth knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Contract Manufacturing recruiting experience and knowledge of the current marketplace.
  • Present a summary of the position’s responsibilities, requirements, compensation, and interview process to help streamline the process to identify the right potential candidates.

Step 3: Deliver

  • Design a recruiting plan and dedicate our resources to execute the plan.
  • Identify and attract potential candidates by using multiple recruiting channels- robust professional network, searching our proprietary industry databases, social media, referrals from long term industry contacts, a lot of phone time, and perseverance.
  • Interview and qualify potential candidates.
  • Select and present the most qualified candidates.
  • Set up interviews for candidates.
  • Obtain and share client and candidate feedback.

Step 4: Offer

  • Provide our professional guidance to help avoid the perils and pitfalls of a turndown. Communicate questions, concerns, compensation expectations and any other relevant areas to assist our clients in presenting the best offer up front to attract the candidate.
  • Present the offer to the candidate and communicate their decision (i.e. acceptance, start date…) to our client.

Step 5: Follow up

  • Stay in close contact with the candidate during the resignation, potential counter-offer and wind-down phase.
  • Act as a liaison between the company and the candidate after the candidate begins the new position. We periodically contact both over the first several months to help identify and resolve (if any) potential issues or concerns.

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