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I am pleased to recommend MBR & Associates to anyone who wants an aggressive, no nonsense, and proactive executive recruitment firm. They are very knowledgeable of the pharmaceutical industry and have a special knack for identifying the right candidate fit for the role. Recently they were instrumental in identifying a key senior technical manager, who has been an outstanding hire. I look forward to working with MBR in the future!

Sr. Director Process Development & Technology Fortune 1000 Co.


MBR has an unprecedented ability to understand what you are looking for and deliver only qualified and viable candidates in a timely and efficient fashion. The detailed up front work ensures no wasted effort on my part. They have delivered successful hires for me in a number of Managerial and Technical areas over the last 10 years. Far superior to any executive search firm I have EVER utilized.

Managing Director Fortune 500 Co.


MBR is hands down the finest executive recruiting agency I have ever known. They take a different approach when seeking out applicants in that they structurally match people with companies and locations. They do not use the shotgun approach and put forth anyone who is remotely close to a fit. They accomplish this by spending a lot of time getting to know the applicant, verifying their track record and following up with references to ensure the fit is compatible to both parties. In addition, they do not abandon you after the initial call. This has to be the number one fault with most recruiters; they never follow up if things don’t go as planned. MBR maintains contact, ensures the smallest details are covered, follows up post contact and interview and is with you all the way throughout the process.

MBR & Associates has been instrumental in allowing many of my former colleagues to advance and grow as well as putting forth opportunities to better myself. They are a recruiting firm that does not follow the traditional roadmap, and that is a blessing from both the prospective employee and employer

I would recommend MBR for any recruiting situation.

Associate Director Technical Services Fortune 500 Co.


I would recommend MBR & Associates for the exceptional service- providing the right talent and skills for the positions. MBR understands customer needs and works with their clients diligently to provide stellar results and quality service. It was a pleasure working with MBR & Associates.

Manager Process Excellence Fortune 500 Co.