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Staffing Solutions


Selecting the recruiting solution that meets your needs and goals is critical to a successful outcome.  We understand the immense investment of time and resources required for you to acquire top talent for your organization, and believe that a successful partnership begins with understanding your organization and its needs and constraints.  MBR & Associates takes the time to listen, assess, and present options, resulting in a custom tailored strategy to address your needs.  Our recruiting solutions are focused on delivering results in a timely fashion.


Contingency recruiting is appropriate for organizations looking to fill positions on a non-confidential basis.  At MBR & Associates, we treat contingency recruiting with attention to detail, professionalism, integrity, and thoughtfulness.  We possess a robust network of industry contacts,   extensive industry knowledge, and bring the dedication and resources to deliver the best and brightest candidates to our clients.


When time, intricacy, and confidentiality are a must, clients choose MBR & Associates retained search option. Retained search is appropriate when the need is time sensitive, and the position will have a critical impact on the organizations performance.  Retained search represents a commitment from both sides and reinforces to candidates that the company values this extremely important position.

We invest resources up front in research.  We evaluate the position, culture, corporate strategy of the company and align them with the goals, industry experience and accomplishments of potential candidates to develop a shortlist of qualified professionals.  We understand what it takes to succeed in the industry to deliver the best and brightest talent, avoid the pitfalls, and drive your organizations growth.


We take the same best practices, dedication, and approach that have made MBR & Associates the go to executive search firm in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract manufacturing industry and applied them to our contract staffing work. Many of the same client’s who partner with us for executive recruiting, rely on us for their contract staffing needs. Contract staffing allows you to bring in top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or a specific project. 

Regardless of the executive recruiting solution you chose, MBR & Associates is your partner with you throughout the process.